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Iris Integrative Health is indeed “integrated” in that, in addition to offering naturopathic and conventional medical visits, we refer patients to each other when we see that another perspective might prove helpful in diagnosis or treatment. Whether you are considering integrative visits or prefer the conventional or naturopathic approach, call us, and we can discuss how best to meet your needs.

In order to maximize your time with our physicians, please print and complete the following forms.  You may bring the forms to your appointment or mail, fax or drop them off at our office in advance.

What to Expect

,On your first visit we…

  1. Obtain a thorough health history;
    the health history informs us about risk factors, heredity and vulnerability to disease, so we may take a proactive and informed approach to your personal care.
  2. Perform a physical exam.
  3. Create a plan.

Once we understand our patients’ goals, needs, and desires, we form a plan of action together; recognizing that the healing path is one of mutual responsibility, both ours and our patients’.

First Visit Checklist

Make sure you bring:

  • Insurance card and a picture ID
  • Completed paperwork for first appointment
  • Medication list, including dosages and directions as written on the pill bottle
  • Please include vitamins, hormones or other supplements taken on a regular basis
  • Any other clinically relevant paperwork (copies of labs, imaging, consult notes, etc)

Please note:

  • PARKING: We ask you kindly to park at one of the visitor stalls or parking space #6. The other stalls are reserved.
  • ACCESS: Our clinic is on the 2nd floor of the cottage. Please let us know if you have difficulty climbing a flight of stairs.

Forms for Your First Visit

You will need the following forms. Please click on each of the text links below to download:

Initial Appointment Checklist
Patient Information Sheet
Notice of Privacy Practices
Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices
Release of Records Form


For Dr. Hollander initial visit:
MD Health History Form

For Dr. Suber/Integrative initial visit:
ND Health History Form

For all patients under 6 years:
Pediatric Health History Form

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