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Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

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The benefits of our integrative care:


A Better Experience

We want taking care of your health to be a refreshingly pleasurable experience!   We aim to address your concerns in a timely and comprehensive manner.  While most medical practices are built around anything but your convenience, we hope to change that viewpoint. For every interaction, from a phone call to an email to a detailed treatment plan, we bring our full attention to what will contribute to your health.  More


Excellent, Affordable Care

Your membership fees cover virtually all the costs of your primary care. An office visit or phone call; in-office tests like blood sugar and A1C, rapid strep, flu testing, or EKG; skin cryotherapy or simple surgeries: all are included. If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, we can save you money on your labs and imaging studies, as well as certain medications.  Our members will also have access to our pharmacy of high-quality supplements at reduced prices. We want you to be thrilled with the quality and value of the care you receive!  More


Personalized Medicine

In a world trending toward one-size-fits-all medicine, we want to figure out what makes sense for YOU.  We strive to integrate into our care the latest in genomic and epigenetic research, published data from the worlds of functional and naturopathic medicine, and conventional clinical trials.  With our whole-person approach, you can trust that we are dedicated to meet your unique health needs — not the needs of your insurance company or the pharmaceutical industry.   Whether you have extensive health concerns or are healthy and focused on prevention, we will work with you to create a sustainable treatment plan that focuses on the best possible outcomes for you. More


Longer Visits

We provide visits that are substantially longer than conventional medical clinics. This allows us to better address your concerns and see you as a whole person instead of a “problem list.” We value an environment that nurtures good listening. Taking a proper history takes time, and unhurried doctors make better decisions. Your health deserves our time! More


Experienced Physicians

Dr. Suber and Dr. Baird have been practice for more than 20 years each in their respective fields. As we incorporate the latest developments in medical science into our work, we are grateful for what we have learned in caring for thousands of patients over the years. We are well trained to meet your medical needs, whether you are in the midst of a medical emergency, seeking help with chronic medical problems, or trying to maximize your health and well-being for many decades. More


Health Care Without Walls

We can step outside our office to help you achieve your health goals, by having patients join our practice as members.    Whether you have interest in dance or cooking classes, regular exercise groups, or nutrition for diabetes, we can offer these, without extra charges.  We even accomodate house calls when the need arises and the schedule allows. More

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