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Dr. Suber has made an amazing difference in my health & well being!

I initially reached out to Dr. Suber to help me manage a list of complaints that I associated with menopause. I had low energy, night sweats, hot flashes, stiff joints, and or course unwanted weight gain. I was discouraged. Dr. Suber validated my concerns and encouraged me by sharing the principles of the ‘Genotype’ diet. After a thorough family history, blood tests, and a series of questions, she was able to help me identify my ‘super’ foods, ‘neutral’ foods, and foods I should avoid in order to perform at my best. It was a customized program for me… Not one size fits all. Within a short time my complaints & symptoms all disappeared. Changing my diet , with the focused coaching from Dr. Suber , made a HUGE difference in how I felt and how I looked. Being able to have access to both Dr. Suber and Dr. Hollander has given me a lot of confidence in the care that both my husband & I receive. We are so lucky to have them here on the Big Island!

~ Beth

I love naturopathic medicine and I love Dr. Suber.

It was after a serious operation that a dear friend recommended I see Dr. Michelle Suber. That was over thirteen years ago. My only regret is that I did not know her earlier, as I am certain that operation could have been avoided with her care and wise guidance. Working closely with Dr. Suber to improve my overall health and well being has been an amazing journey for me. Always finding ways to support my personal goals, she has helped me look at my life and how to improve it from so many angles. Dr. Suber knows me and is able to give me the best care because she takes time with me, listens to me, encourages me, and is always easy to reach when I need to ask her a question.

~ Georgia

Implicitly trust Dr. Hollander and Dr. Suber in all the areas of our health care.

My wife and I have been primary care patients of Dr. Hollander and Dr. Suber for almost 5 years. During this time we have grown to implicitly trust them in assisting us manage all the areas of our health care. Our goal has been to stay as healthy and active as possible and they have facilitated and supported our goals through active mentoring us to develop a healthy life style tailored to our wants and needs.

I have had high blood pressure (BP) for over 12 years and when I started seeing Dr. Hollander and Dr. Suber I was taking 5 medicines, including statins. With their encouragement and assistance in the management of my life style, diet, and over-all health, my BP is under control using only one medicine. Not only has my BP stabilized but I now feel the best I have in years.

Recently, Dr. Hollander played a primary role in the diagnosis of a condition that was seriously effecting my balance, walking, gate, and short-term memory. We initially considered these changes simply symptoms of aging, Dr. Hollander persisted in exploring other possible reasons for the symptoms. As a result we together embarked on a process that eventually lead us to the Stanford Medical Center in California where I underwent a procedure that completely corrected this rare condition that would have resulted in my being in a wheelchair in less than 3 years. As a result of Dr. Hollander’s concern, persistence, and knowledge I now can continue to work and enjoy an active lifestyle. We are grateful to have such excellent, caring physicians in our lives!

~ Bruce and Sonja

Dr. Michelle Suber has made such a difference for my health!

Most recently I had to undergo Mohs surgery on my forehead for skin cancer. Both Michelle and Buzz spent time with me and talked me through my anxiety about it. Michelle set me up with a plan of treatment for the day of the surgery and after. The surgeon told me my eyes would be swollen shut the next day and I would have two black eyes. None of this happened because of the plan and herbs that Michelle put together for me!

She has helped me on many occasions and always with kind patience. Rather than talk down to me, she has been interested and encouraging and gets me involved in the treatment process. I have always felt that we worked TOGETHER on my health.

~ Clare

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