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Under the leadership of Dr. Michelle Suber and Dr. Buzz Hollander, Iris Integrative Health became a direct primary care (DPC) practice in the summer of 2016. Within the DPC model, patients and physicians are free to make their own choices around health and medical treatment, clear of the influence of mid-level administrators and insurance companies.

Patients pay a regular membership fee directly to the practice — a system which enables physicians to focus on providing the best possible care, and patients to be active partners in their health.  Naturopathic medicine alongside conventional, prompt access to physicians who can take the time that is needed with their patients, all within a system that embraces technology while emphasizing the importance of a personal, long-term relationship between patient and doctor. Curious? Read on!


We are deeply saddened to share word of Dr. Buzz Hollander’s passing in late June.  As we grieve the loss of this extraordinary father and physician, we are thankful to be welcoming a wonderful, skilled physician whose values align with those of Iris Integrative Health. Dr. Aimee Baird will begin seeing patients by the end of February 2024.


Direct Primary Care

This new model of health care allows you to build a relationship with your health team, have longer visits, get more personalized care, and focus on keeping your whole life healthy.  The insurance-based system of third-party reimbursement for physicians puts a wall of numbers, codes, and incentives between you and your doctor.  Direct primary care takes it away, while you still use your insurance for what it was intended (emergencies and large medical expenses).  See our FAQs for a lot more detail.

Naturopathic and Conventional Medical Care

We tailor our team approach to the specific needs of our patients, using both naturopathic and conventional medicine. Some patients prefer one approach or another; many benefit from both. We work with you to create a highly individualized care plan to optimize your health.


Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

We want to work with you to do what it takes for you to achieve your personal health goals — whether that means helping you reorganize your kitchen, offering classes on cooking or fitness, organizing a hike, run, or swim, or trouble-shooting barriers to good sleep or meaningful personal time. Of course, we’ll also see you promptly when you’re sick, effectively manage referrals to specialists, order tests as needed, see you in the hospital, and generally do all the things you would expect from an “old fashioned” primary physician.

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